Female Entrepreneurs

Store Feature: Revel Boutique

Revel Boutique owner, Heather, shares inspiring advice from personal experience on how to keep business alive and thr...

Entrepreneurial Challenges and the Importance of Investing in Female-Founded Businesses

The Oventure Co-Founders describe the challenges they've overcome as entrepreneurs, offer advice to those who are nav...

How to Get Started On Your Entrepreneurial Venture

Janie Cooke and Caroline Nix, Co-Founders of Oventure, share their personal experience and give advice on how to jump...

5 Pieces of Advice for 2020 Graduates

We have no doubt that you're overwhelmed with recommendations and suggestions as you begin your next chapter, but our...

My Mom's Words of Wisdom

From childhood to adulthood, she's constantly offering up precious nuggets of advice (whether we like it or not). Tod...

We're the Original

True story: Before 2012, the Big O Key Ring didn’t exist. Crazy, right? It was a harrowing time, the dark ages of acc...
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