My Mom's Words of Wisdom

My Mom's Words of Wisdom

As a teacher, a therapist, a chef, a nurse, and a friend, mom can't help but know a lot about everything. From childhood to adulthood, she's constantly offering up precious nuggets of advice (whether we like it or not). Today, the Oventure Team shares the most potent words of wisdom that their moms ever told them.

"My mom always taught me that it is better to give than to receive. Whether it’s through time in service to our community, a meal (hers are always home-cooked) or a thoughtful deed for a friend in need, we should always find a way to lift someone else's spirits." - Janie

"My mom taught me the essential lesson to find the humor in everything. I laugh harder with my mom than with anyone else. She makes me laugh until I have tears streaming down my face." - Caroline

"Wherever I would tell my mom “I can’t,” she would reply with “Can’t never could do anything.” Truer words were never spoken!" - Jana

"The best thing my sweet mother taught me is that if you treat others with compassion, love and kindness, happiness will come to you both. Oh, one more thing….”Sugar, your skin is as dry as the Mojave Desert! Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize or you will look like that!” - Jane

"The best thing my mom ever taught me is “quality over quantity”. Typically, this was her motto when shopping (we love to shop!), but It’s something I try to live by, in all aspects of my life." - Madeline

"My mom has always encouraged me to march to the beat of my own drum. While it's not always easy to take the road less traveled, it is far more fulfilling!" - Twyla

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