Well Rounded

Be who you want to be. Express your ideas and tastes and desire to color outside the lines. There is no certificate at birth that demands you fit in a box. Or live within four walls. Or deny your innate sense to step on the gas or tap the brakes whenever you darn well please. You are multidimensional. Able to take on many things, sometimes all at once.

We think that’s part of what turns ordinary people into well-rounded souls. 

Give that Girl a Hand

Back in 2012, we took on our first big entrepreneurial endeavor, but it wasn’t to make key rings.  Instead, we sought to create a business model that would offer women a form of support in their busy lives, whether they were 16 or 61.  

The Big O Key Ring was the outlet for that goal.  By enabling women to slip a keyring over their wrist that would free up their hand and limit the maddening search for “where are my &^$% keys?” we were on our way to making a small but helpful impact in their day-to-day lives.  

It remains our hope to provide beneficial products to those who embrace living optimistically.  To facilitate those who look for the good in things while on the go. We now make over 100 stylish key rings and things to uncomplicate the day. 

We hope these small tokens of discernment will serve as a daily reminder to have fun, live well-rounded lives, and for goodness sake, Don’t Be Square!


Janie Cooke and Caroline Nix

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