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Modern Designs to Keep Essentials Within Reach
We put the fun in functional.

Oventure helps busy women simplify their days with happy, hands-free accessories. From water-resistant silicone to premium leather, our life-proof designs keep your essentials in check whether you’re juggling kids, dogs, exams, or a crazy work week. 


Metallic Silicone ID Case

The same durable, water-resistant Silicone ID Case you know and love is now available in three brand new, solid metallic shades.

New Arrivals
We're the Original

Oventure is home of the Original Big O Key Ring. Our signature design is often imitated, but never replicated. If quality, functionality and style is your thing, then you’re in the right place.

Quality Materials

You’re busy - that’s why you need accessories that can keep up with you. From non-toxic silicone to genuine leather, our materials are chosen for their long-term durability and texture.


We personally carry and perfect each new piece before introducing it to our #Ogirl community. We’re confident that our designs will fit seamlessly into your life, because they fit into ours.

What #Ogirls are Saying

It’s truly o-mazing to not have to fumble in my purse to find my keys anymore. 

Keri R.

I would be so lost without my O key ring and now the new hands free tool!

Javy S.

I gift Big O Key Rings to all of my friends and family and now they are Obsessed too!

Ellen P.

Whether they’re on my wrist or in my purse, my keys are easy to find with my Leather Big O Key Ring.

Donna E.

This O-Ring is a lifeline for me when keeping track of my keys with 3 kiddos in tow!

Kimberly P.

Don’t wait forever like I did to purchase one!

Chelsea F.

I bought one Big O Key Ring, fell in love and ordered two more! I change them out like I do all my accessories.

Carrie D.

"Don’t know how I ever functioned without one!"

Yolanda B.

 HOw did I live without yOu?!

Author's name

Perfect gift! O-ring and hands free tool to keep her safe!

Suchi P.


The Big O's BFF


The Big O's BFF

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