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The Hook Me Up™ Chain Wristlet - Rose Gold

The Hook Me Up™ Chain Wristlet - Rose Gold

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The Hook Me Up™ Chain Wristlet - Rose Gold


No matter the size, brand or style of your phone case, it can now be worn completely hands-free with The Hook Me Up™ Wristlet.  This jewelry-inspired phone solution has a reinforced PVC base, ultra strong adhesive, and unique swiveling mechanism so you can always catch a call (or leave it hanging) while wearing your essentials hands-free. Not only is The Hook Me Up Wristlet functional, durable, and O sO cute, it’s easy to use, too. Just peel it, stick it, clip it, and you’ve got a hands-free life hub.

        Key features

        • Make Your Cell Phone Hands-Free - Converts your phone case into a luxe hands-free accessory.
        • One-Size-Fits-Most - Designed to be compatible with your size and brand of phone case.
        • Luxe and Durable - Chain is made of jewelry-quality hardware and the phone tab is made from extra strong PVC.
        • Charger-Friendly - The phone connector has a slim profile, so you can easily use a plug-in or wireless charger at the same time.
        • Clear phone tab creates a barely there look.
        • Lobster claw designed to hold an Oventure wallet or pouch for easy layering.

        How to Use

        How to apply the Hook Me Up to your phone case: Remove hardware from the plastic tab. Peel off adhesive backing. Place the sticker on the inside of the phone case with the loop through the charging port. Reattach the hardware onto the plastic tab.


        Wristlet: 10 inches long, Sticker: 2.5 x 2.5 inches

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        How It Works

        STEP 1: PREP

        To get started, remove the hardware from the plastic tab, then peel the backing off of the adhesive.

        STEP 2: PLACE

        Place the plastic tab on the inside of your phone case with the loop sticking out through your charging port. Press down.

        STEP 3: REATTACH

        Hook hardware back onto the plastic loop, then put your phone in the case. Lastly, attach to your Big O locking clasp and gO!

        3 Ways to Wear Your Phone Hands-Free