Big O® Phone Wristlet - Quicksilver

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The Big O Phone Wristlet is a one-size-fits-all solution to make any phone case hands-free. This two-piece wristlet has a detachable bangle bracelet and allows for easy screen access with a unique swiveling mechanism. The drop-proof Big O Phone Holder has a secure locking clasp made from high-quality metal, and an ultra-strong reinforced PVC base.

Not only is this O-ring phone holder comfortable, durable, and lightweight, it’s easy to use, too. Just peel it, stick it, clip it, and you’ve got a hands-free phone! The Big O Phone Holder is compatible with Apple iPhone, Samsung, Android and Google devices. 
Key Features
  • Set includes: 1 Silicone Big O Key Ring, 1 Hook Me Up Universal Phone Connector
  • Makes Your Cell Phone Hands-Free - easily attach your phone to a Big O Key Ring for hands-free convenience when needed.
  • One-Size-Fits-Most - Use with your individual size and brand of phone case. Oversized O keyring can be worn on your forearm or over your elbow, so it's comfortably out of the way.
  • Ultra Durable Materials - Phone connector is made from high quality PVC base with strong adhesive backing. 
  • Swiveling clasp  - easily attaches your phone to a Big O Key Ring, prevents wear and tear on PVC base and swivels to make sure your phone is always in position for a call or text. 
  • Reinforced Inner Core and non-bending, anti-squish design of the Big O Key Ring helps maintain shape and long-lasting durability.
  • Signature Locking Clasp - Swap your keys in and out securely, and without breaking a nail.
  • Water-Resistant Silicone - Easy to clean with soap and water.

Dimensions: 3.75in

How To Use
  • How to apply the Hook Me Up to your phone case: Remove hardware from the plastic tab. Peel off adhesive backing. Place the sticker on the inside of the phone case with the loop through the charging port. Reattach the hardware onto the plastic tab. 
  • How to use the Big O Key Ring: To open the signature locking clasp, press down on the flat part of the clasp with your thumb. Once it’s open, you can add your keys and The Hook Me Up. To secure your things, pull the lever up until it snaps into place.