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Big O® Key Ring Silicone Metallic Pre-Pack

Big O® Key Ring Silicone Metallic Pre-Pack

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Big O® Key Ring Silicone Metallic Pre-Pack


Chic and sophisticated, our metallics pre-pack combines best-selling neutrals with glam metallics.  This silicone set includes our top selling gold, rose gold and silver confetti Big O® Key Rings along with our chinoiserie style bamboo metallics and best-selling cheetah prints.  This pack creates a sophisticated assortment on its own, but it's also the perfect compliment to our colorful pre-packs to build your well-rounded assortment.   

This 26-piece set fits on our custom two-tier acrylic display (sold separately).  Also fills a one sided Acrylic Peg Board when combined with an additional Big O® Key Ring Pre-Pack.

Pre Pack includes:

  • BOKR-BS-QS (2) - Solid Quicksilver Bamboo
  • BOKR-S-SNLP (2) - Snow Leopard 
  • BOKR-S-QS (2) - Quicksilver Confetti 
  • BOKR-S-MRG (2) - Marble Rose Gold 
  • BOKR-S-RGC (2) - Rose Gold Confetti 
  • BOKR-BS-SRG (2) - Solid Rose Gold Bamboo
  • BOKR-S-MGR (2) - Marble Gold Rush 
  • BOKR-S-GRCH (2) - Gold Rush Cheetah 
  • BOKR-S-GC (2) - Gold Rush Confetti
  • BOKR-BS-SGR (2) - Solid Gold Rush Bamboo
  • BOKR-S-ATLP (2) - Antelope 
  • BOKR-S-CH (2) - Cheetah
  • BOKR-BS-BIB (2) - Back in Black 

Key features

  • 26-piece Big O Key Ring set 
  • Includes doubles of our top metallic silicone styles

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Secure Clasp

Snaps open & closed so you can add your keys, phone and wallet without breaking a nail.

Durable Materials

Interior core provides long-lasting strength, while exterior materials are chosen for luxe texture & durability.

Functional Design

Wear comfortably on your forearm or above the elbow to keep daily essentials easily accessible.