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Big O® Bracelet - Gold Rush with Pearls

Big O® Bracelet - Gold Rush with Pearls

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Big O® Bracelet - Gold Rush with Pearls


The NEW! Big O Bracelet is the latest, jewelry-inspired innOvation from Handsfree Headquarters! A functional phone wristlet and bracelet key ring disguised as a designer bangle, the Big O Bracelet has a fitted shape and two removable, pearl caps on either side. Decked out with not only a split ring, but also a Hook Me Up Phone Connector, the Big O Bracelet converts any phone or wallet into a chic, handsfree wristlet. Gone are the days of juggling your essentials with one hand, or scrounging around in a giant tote. Like having your cake and eating it too, the Big O Bracelet combines the modern look of your fave bracelet with no-frills functionality.

Key features

  • Make Your Cell Phone Handsfree - Comes with the Hook Me Up Phone Connector which easily converts most phones into a wearable accessory.
  • Versatile - Each pearl screws on and off so you can add or remove your keys, phone and wallet easily and securely.
  • Luxe and Durable - Made of jewelry-quality hardware, the Big O Bracelet functions like a key ring while resembling a designer bangle.

One-Size-Fits-All - Designed to fit any size wrist - or phone!

How to Use

  • To apply the Hook Me Up to your phone case: Remove hardware from the plastic tab. Peel off adhesive backing. Place the sticker on the inside of the phone case with the loop through the charging port. Reattach the hardware onto the plastic tab.
  • To add your keys, phone or wallet, unscrew one pearl from the bracelet. Slide the split ring, Hook Me Up Phone Connector or wallet onto the ring. Screw the pearl cap back into place.

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