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Wholesale Display - 5x7 Acrylic POS Kit

Wholesale Display - 5x7 Acrylic POS Kit

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Wholesale Display - 5x7 Acrylic POS Kit


We’ve rolled more than a year's-worth of Oventure marketing needs into one O-mazing package with the 5x7 Acrylic POS Kit. The Kit includes a branded acrylic base and four double-sided, 5x7 cards that you can swap in and out with the seasons. The cards are filled with press quotes, lifestyle images, special holiday spreads and more, all designed to catch your customer’s eye and serve up essential product infO.


Key features

  • Kit includes acrylic base and 4 double-sided, branded Oventure cards
  • Acrylic base measures 5in wide, 1 1/4in deep, and 7 5/8in tall with the card included
  • The acrylic base can hold 1 card at a time
  • Sturdy, durable cards do not bend or lean when placed inside acrylic base
  • Cards include press clips, Oventure brand story, holiday imagery, evergreen gifting imagery, and key product features

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