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Big O® Key Ring

The Hands-Free Bracelet Key Ring

Live Life Hands-Free

We created the Big O Key Ring in 2012 to give women of every age an extra hand to hold onto what's important.

Whether you’re a mom, a student, or a boss babe with a million things on her plate, you can rely on the Big O Key Ring to be your well-rounded life hub.


Secure Locking Clasp

Every Big O Key Ring is outfitted with our strength-tested, patented, locking clasp. We designed it so that we could swap our keys in and out securely, and without breaking a nail. Gone are the days of fumbling with the key swap at the valet - with this locking clasp, you can rearrange with a click.

Designed to be strong, like you!

Life-Proof Durability

The rigid interior core of our bangle keyring helps the Big O to maintain its shape and long-lasting durability. The non-bending, anti-squish design means it can withstand everything you can.

often imitated, never equaled

We're the O-riginal

From the locking clasp to the premium materials, these are the 6 reasons why #Ogirls of all ages choose to invest in an Original Big O Key Ring instead of a knockoff.

A Big O for Every O-ccasion

Water-Resistant Silicone

Easily washable, velvety soft, and totally life-proof, the Silicone Big O Key Ring is a go-to fan favorite.

Luxe, Genuine Leather

Crafted from genuine, coated leather, the Leather Big O Key Ring is a super durable, fashionista favorite.

Jewelry-Inspired Resin

Inspired by our favorite stackable bangles, the Resin Big O is a lightweight, swirly statement-maker.

#Ogirl reviews
#Ogirl reviews
“True game changer! To say it simplifies my life is an understatement.”
— Caroline S.
#Ogirl reviews
"The Oventure product is in a league of its own. Truly worth every penny to get this quality."
— Natalie M.
#Ogirl reviews
"Best life hack ever!!"
— Caroline S.
#Ogirl reviews
"I don't know what I did before I had one of these... if you have dogs, children, or ever get groceries, you NEED one of these."
— Taylor A.
#Ogirl reviews
"I love running into someone who is also carrying one - it makes me feel like I am in a club of busy, stylish women!"
— Kit S.