Why Choose the Original Big O® Key Ring Instead of a Knockoff Bracelet Key Ring?

Why Choose the Original Big O® Key Ring Instead of a Knockoff Bracelet Key Ring?

Oventure's signature product, the Original Big O® Key Ring, is often imitated but never equaled. Below, we're highlighting the six reasons why women of all ages regularly tell us that the bracelet key ring knockoffs and imitations simply don't compare to the O-riginal O-ring!


Secure Locking Clasp

Our Signature Locking Clasp is one of the most important things that sets our key ring apart from imitations. This patented Oventure clasp was designed so that you could easily add or remove keys from your Big O® Key Ring at any time. Gone are the days of breaking your nails with split rings, and fumbling with the key swap at the valet - with this locking clasp, you can rearrange with a click. Unlike the knockoffs, our clasp is so secure that you don’t have to worry about it randomly popping open. It’s designed with a locking lever feature so it can be opened intentionally then snapped back into place.


We like to say that the Big O Key Ring can handle everything you can - and we mean it! The rigid interior core helps the Big O maintain its shape and long-lasting durability. Our bracelet key ring has a non-bending, anti-squish design because strength and durability is our priority, and a saggy, misshapen O ring is never cute!


High Quality Materials

Since we founded Oventure in 2012, we've always opted for only the best materials when designing our Big O Key Rings. After all, it’s the accessory that our Ogirls rely on every day to hold their most important essentials! The Big O Key Ring is currently available in coated, genuine leather, waterproof, non-toxic silicone and reinforced, shatter-resistant resin. To keep prices low, knockoff brands generally use faux leather and low quality silicone that is not food grade (aka not safe for a teething baby to get a hold of).


Hands-Free Lifestyle

Another quality that sets the Big O Key Ring apart from other bracelet key rings is its ability to hold an impressive amount of weight! Due to the durable inner core of the ring and the secure locking clasp, the Big O Key Ring can hold onto more than just your car keys - it can safely handle your wallet and phone, too! The Big O is more than just a hands-free key ring, it’s a well-rounded life hub with all of your most important essentials.


Since we choose only the highest quality materials for our signature key ring and hardware, our prices are higher than the knockoffs, but our product lasts far longer. An Original Big O Key Ring is an investment piece, unlike a cheap bracelet keychain, and when it comes to buying accessories that you depend on every day, investing just $10 more in the quality version will pay off in the long run!

Female-Founded Business

When you buy the Original Big O Key Ring, you’re not just buying another bangle key ring, you’re supporting a small, female-owned business. Oventure is not only led by two women CEOs, but also has a team that’s 100% women! All of us here at Oventure HQ are proud to make hands-free accessories that we know first hand will simplify a woman’s life. 

Here’s What The #Ogirls are Saying

“I’ve had many of these types of key rings, but honestly none have looked or felt as good as Oventure. The construction feels solid, and the clasp is strong.” - Krystle E.

“After buying something similar on Amazon and it breaking/falling apart within weeks, this is definitely worth the money! My one-year-old can do whatever she wants with it and it stays intact!” - Lauren C.

“The Oventure product is in a league of its own. Truly worth every penny to get this quality. It takes carrying all your groceries in one trip to a whole new level.” - Natalie M.

“This product is the definition of quality. I purchased many other knockoffs that ended up costing me more in the long run because they broke so easily. The Oventure line is built to last. The ring is sturdy and doesn’t bend or snap. The only dilemma is which color to get!” - Heather B.

“I’ve bought several brands and these can’t be beat!” - H Sparks

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