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Leather Mini Envelope 3-in-1 Set - Rose Gold

Leather Mini Envelope 3-in-1 Set - Rose Gold

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Leather Mini Envelope 3-in-1 Set - Rose Gold


Free your hands and change your life with the 3-in-1 Big O® Key Ring Set. This matching set includes three best-selling styles, a Leather Big O Key Ring, a Mini Envelope, and a Hook Me Up™ Universal Phone Connector, which work in sync to create a well-rounded life hub for women of all ages.

    Key features

    • Set includes: 1 Leather Big O® Key Ring, 1 Mini Envelope Leather Card Case, 1 Hook Me Up™ Universal Phone Connector
    • All-in-One Simplicity - Simplify your life by keeping your keys, credit cards, cash, ID and phone in one central place and handsfree.
    • One-Size-Fits-Most design - Oversized so you can wear it on your forearm, or even over your elbow, so it’s comfortably out of the way.
    • Luxe Leather - Crafted from genuine, coated leather with an croc-inspired, embossed texture.
    • Signature Locking Clasp allows  you to easily and securely add your phone and card case or carry just your keys depending on what the day may bring.
    • Reinforced Inner Core and non-bending, anti-squish Big O® Key Ring design helps maintain the shape and long-lasting durability of your 3-in-1 set.

    How to Use

    How to apply the Hook Me Up to your phone case: Remove hardware from the plastic tab. Peel off adhesive backing. Place the sticker on the inside of the phone case with the loop through the charging port. Reattach the hardware onto the plastic tab.


    Mini Envelope Dimensions: 4.25in x 3in

    Big O® Key Ring Diameter: 4 inches 

    Sticker: 2.25 x 2.25 inches

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    Secure Clasp

    Snaps open & closed so you can add your keys, phone and wallet without breaking a nail.

    Durable Materials

    Interior core provides long-lasting strength, while exterior materials are chosen for luxe texture & durability.

    Functional Design

    Wear comfortably on your forearm or above the elbow to keep daily essentials easily accessible.

    How It Works

    STEP 1: PREP

    To get started, remove the hardware from the plastic tab, then peel the backing off of the adhesive.


    Place the plastic tab on the inside of your phone case with the loop sticking out through your charging port. Press down.


    Hook hardware back onto the plastic loop, then put your phone in the case. Lastly, attach to your Big O locking clasp and gO!

    3 Ways to Wear Your Phone Hands-Free

    Phone Connector

    This Ogirl essential attaches your phone case to ANY Big O Key Ring.

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