Make ANY Phone Case Hands-Free!

The Hook Me Up is a one-size-fits-all phone connector that attaches any size phone case to a Big O® Key Ring or lanyard.

#ogirl reviews
#ogirl reviews
"Have used it EVERY DAY! It's incredibly handy for running errands and simplifies my life in one small way - always appreciated!"
— Shannon B.
#ogirl reviews
"Awesome phone hook - very easy to install, sturdy, and looks great!"
— Laura B.
#ogirl reviews
"100% a game-changer. I'm a mom, so being able to throw my phone on my Big O Key Ring, and put the ring on my wrist saves me SO much time!"
— Amanda E.

How It Works


To get started, remove the hardware from the plastic tab, then peel the backing off of the adhesive.


Place the plastic tab on the inside of your phone case with the loop sticking out through your charging port. Press down.


Hook hardware back onto the plastic loop, then put your phone in the case. Lastly, attach to your Big O locking clasp and gO!

The Hook Me Up™ FAQ

Is The Hook Me Up compatible with ALL cell phone cases?

The Hook Me Up works with every type, brand and size of phone case. If there's a specific case you have a question about, you can always send us an email at

Can you re-stick the adhesive if you get a new phone case?

If you remove the backing of The Hook Me Up and apply the adhesive to the inside of your phone case, then it cannot be removed and re-applied to a different phone case - it just won’t be sticky enough! If you buy a new phone case, we suggest getting a new Hook Me Up for the best functionality possible!

Does The Hook Me Up sticker go on your phone, or inside your case?

The Hook Me Up sticker goes inside your phone case at the bottom, so the plastic loop can go through the charging port.