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Whether you're a teacher, student, or mom, you can count on our hands-free accessories to simplify your 2022-2023 school year.

#ogirl reviews
Love love love! As a mom of two and a teacher I love using my o-ring and having my hands free. Totally exceeds my expectations.
— Lea F.
I use it every day! Without the Big O Key Ring and ID Case, I would have lost my dorm key and school ID long ago.
— Katie R.
As a teacher it’s super handy and I never lose my keys. I want to buy them for everyone I know!
— Regan F.
True game changer! To say it simplifies my life is an understatement.
— Caroline S.
As a teacher, I have different sets of keys that I have to carry with me for various activities. My Oventure ring keeps everything organized and easily visible, and it's easy to carry around.
— Katherine C.

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Phone, cash, lipstick - we'll hold your essentials so you can focus on having fun from game days to study nights.