QUIZ: Which Big O Key Ring Style Should You Choose?

Not sure which Big O Key Ring to choose? We don't blame you - it's tough to pick! If you need a second opinion, take our quick and easy quiz to get a product recommendation based on your style and preferences. After you take the quiz, you can read more about your perfect match below.👇
If you got Smooth Leather, you're...
Like a little black dress or a pair of diamond studs, the Smooth Leather Big O Key Ring is a classic, functional must-have for women of all ages. Crafted from highly durable, luxe leather and available in a vibrant rainbow of colors, the Smooth Leather Big O is comfortable and chic.
 If you got Vegan Leather, you're... 
The iconic silhouette everyone knows and loves is also available in a more eco-friendly option. Sustainable and stylish, the Vegan Leather Big O Key Ring is here to simplify your day from yoga to the farmer’s market. Sure, it might be faux leather, but it’s still the genuine Big O Key Ring.
If you got Silicone, you're...
Don’t be fooled by the velvety softness of our deluxe silicone Big O Key Ring. This style is waterproof, stain resistant and ultra-durable. Whether it’s accompanying you to a pilates class, school drop-off, or a relaxing pool day, the silicone O is a modern option made for adventure.
If you got Embossed Leather, you're...
From glossy croc to exotic python, our embossed leather prints are the fashionistas’ Big O Key Ring of choice. Timeless and bold, our exotic, embossed leather allows you to go hands-free so you can prowl your urban jungle unencumbered. Consider these your daily arm candy.