Oventure blog with a trend report on chinoiserie and how their bamboo shaped Big O keyring works well with this trend.

Trend Report: Chinoiserie Bamboo

Calling all Grand Millennials and the design-obsessed! Chinoiserie is majorly trending in home décor, accessories and tablescapes, and now, you can have a bracelet key ring that fits the theme, too! If you lOve a blue and white ginger jar, lacquered furniture, floral wallpaper, exotic animal prints, and a feminine, pastel palette - then we think this silicone Big O Key Ring style will complement your tastes O sO well.

Before we dive into Bamboo's glam personality, let's talk about where this classic shape came from and why it is so alluring. Bamboo as a motif is a product of Chinoiserie, a European style created in the 17th century to reflect a European imagination of Eastern Asia. In the 17th century, many Europeans designers had never actually been to Asia, they had only dreamed of this far away place - a land of luxurious textiles, fragrant teas, beautiful porcelains and more. With this fantasy in mind, they decorated paintings, furniture, ceramics - you name it - with fanciful, "Asian-inspired" scenes of of lush gardens, tiered pagodas, shells, dragons and foo dogs. One of the recurring design elements of chinoiserie includes, you guessed it, Bamboo!

To this day, centuries after chinoiserie was officially coined, we regularly see bamboo motifs in interior décor such as furniture and wallpaper, but also in table settings - bamboo-rimmed dinner plates, serving pieces, and flatware. Also, we must not forget to mention the infamous bamboo handle bag from the Gucci, which has been carried by fashionistas (including Jackie O.) since 1947. Fun fact, Gucci introduced a bamboo handle on their handbags because of a post-war leather shortage, but also because it was super durable!

We not only love the Bamboo O Ring for its design heritage, but because it has a unique sculptural quality, all the while maintaining the same durability and water-resistance of our other silicone Big Os. If your home has glam, chinoiserie flair, more recently dubbed "grand millennial" style - a Bamboo Big O Key Ring is the perfect way to take a little bit of home with you every time you lock up!

P.S. We made a playlist inspired by Bamboo! Grab a tropical drink and tune in. If you have any song suggestions, let us know - we'd lOve to add them!

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