Trend Report: Cheetah Print

Trend Report: Cheetah Print

This fall, we're seeing cheetah print everywhere from the catwalk to home décor! A timeless classic like red lipstick or a great pair of jeans, cheetah is an absolute style staple in any season. One of the things we love most about leopard print is its total versatility - it looks as fabulous on a pair of shoes as it does on an accent pillow, or even a bracelet key ring.

Leopard print is a constantly evolving trend. What began as the ultimate status symbol as far back as ancient Egypt, now graces the closets of fashionistas all over the world. To celebrate one of our newest O-rrivals, the Metallic Cheetah Big O Key Ring, let's dive into the backstory of everyone's favorite animal print! 

Cheetah print's relevance began literally thousands of years ago. Pharaohs and gods were often portrayed in hieroglyphics draped in cheetah furs, then later kings and queens of Africa, Asia and Europe would adorn their palaces with the exotic skins. Leopard - and really animal prints of all kinds - were displayed and worn to demonstrate wealth and power.  

Fast-forward to the 1930s, and cheetah was back on the style radar in a big way. Animal print rose to the fashion forefront thanks to the blockbuster movie of the decade - Tarzan! At this point, animal print was no longer just a status symbol, it reflected a sense of exoticism and adventure, and was becoming more and more available to the masses - not just royalty and celebs.

Then in the 1950s, cheetah print had yet another renaissance, becoming what we know it as today. As a part of Christian Dior's "New Look" collection, leopard was introduced for the first time in fashion not as a fur or faux fur but as a print available for wide use. Tastemakers of all kinds went wild for it - Jackie Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor and Josephine Baker were among the celebrity fans.

So what makes cheetah print sO O-mazing decade after decade? Here at Oventure HQ, we're O-bsessed with cheetah because it is at once a timeless neutral and a pOp of fun. This fall, top off your favorite chunky knit sweater or tailored blazer with the perfect cheetah print O ring. We lOve our classic tan cheetah worn on bright colors (see below!), new metallic cheetah against soft, earthy neutrals like green, brown and taupe, and our bestselling Navy Leopard with winter whites, black and gray.

Sophisticated, luxe, adventurous, wild - leopard print is a statement-maker with thousands of years worth of hype that won't be slowing down any time soon!

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