Ring, ring! Life-changing simplicity calling! No matter the size, brand, or style of your phone case, it can now be worn completely hands-free with these new sOlutions from the Hook Me Up™ Collection. These (fun)ctional pieces are our secret weapons for never misplacing our phones while out and about.
Hook Me Up Universal Phone Connector
The Universal Phone Connector was the beginning of what became a full hands-free phone collection. This one-size-fits-all phone accessory fits inside ANY phone case so you can attach your phone case to a Big O® Key Ring (or a lanyard)! Super durable, and very easy-to-use, the Phone Connector is an absolute must-have for anyone with a Big O Key Ring bracelet.
One thing we lOve about the Hook Me Up Phone Connector is that it still plays nice with all of your other O-ccessories. Don't be afraid to stack up your Big O Key Ring with your phone case, keys, and wallet. The goal is to create a hands-free life-hub with your bangle key ring!
Onto our new Chains… 
After we designed the Universal Phone Connector, we thought of other ways we could wear our phones hands-free. We created the Wristlet and Crossbody Chains so you can swap out your bangle keychain for dressier O-ccasions and still be totally hands-free. The chain is not flimsy (we made sure of that!), it has a nice weight to it, and - our favorite part - it's made with O-shaped links!
Hook Me Up Wristlet Chain
First up, the Wristlet. Think of this as a kind of ‘Big O Key Ring for after-hours’! Made of jewelry quality hardware, the Wristlet looks like an O-dorable chain bracelet. We love to hook ours to our phone case, and a Mini Envelope and/or lipstick holder. It's an easy, hands-free accessory for date night, etc.
Hook Me Up Crossbody Chain
Last, but certainly not least, is our O-mazing Crossbody Chain. This fabulOus new piece is great if you not only want to be hands-free, but arms-free, too.  The chain makes any phone case crossbody, and can hold onto your other essentials too. We’re O-bsessed with this sOlution for stadium games, concerts, and nights out!
Head to @shopoventure to see how we’ve been styling the Hook Me Up Collection, and be sure to tag us in your posts so we can see how you wear your hands-free wardrobe, too!