Our Story

Our Story

Oventure started in 2012 with a simple thought: How can we make women’s lives easier? 

One morning, we met for coffee – we were both running late. My kids were getting older, and I really wanted to start a business.  When I mentioned the idea to Janie, she was immediately on board.  Working together would be a dream come true, so we made time on the calendar to discuss business ideas. From custom linens to a private investigative firm, we had brainstormed ideas both big and small, but nothing was feeling like “it”.  Frustrated but not defeated, we started at square one – what problem can we solve for ourselves and others? 

 The Problem

As luck would have it (although it didn’t feel so lucky at the time), we had both misplaced our keys that morning. Getting up and out the door with kids and bags and a million other things on our minds, losing keys to the proverbial abyss was a common problem we shared. So common in fact, we would often laugh at how many mornings the kids would stand waiting at the door as we flew around the house in search of our keys. Where did they turn up? Most often they were found at the bottom of a big purse, under a random pile on the kitchen counter, laying on the closet floor, and one time, in the refrigerator (How? Why?). If we both had this daily key struggle, surely others did, too.

 The Solution

When in doubt, one should always ask “What would mom do?” And that’s exactly what we did next. We thought back to how our moms used to solve their own perennial key problem. Their solution wasn’t chic or high-tech, but it worked. They used large, brass jailor key rings that could be hung over doorknobs so their keys were always easy to find. Simple and brilliant. What if we could take this same concept and turn it into an accessory for the modern day woman? Lightbulb moment. The idea for our first product was born.

 The Original Design

The Big O Key Ring was designed to be just as functional and utilitarian as a jailor key ring, but cuter, and way more comfortable. We made it large enough to slide above our jewelry to give us a hand free for the many things we juggled each day.  We kicked off our collection with a buttery soft leather O Ring in 5 colors.  Our Big O Key Ring couldn't have just plain color names, so we launched with Yes Yellow, Peacock, I Scream Pink, Mind-Blowing Blue and Take Me Tangerine.  Naming colors and our products remains one of our favorite things to do! 

The Frenzy 

As it turns out, other women outside of our inner circle could benefit from our O Ring solution. At the end of 2012, we sold out of all our stock in less than two months. We doubled down and ordered thousands more. The Oventure train was leaving the station, and we were on it. 

 The evOlution

It wasn't until later that we realized that the Big O Key Ring was way more than an oversized bracelet keyring..it was a central, well-rounded hub to keep women's essentials (and sanity) in check and in reach at all times.  We made a new and improved Big O Key Ring and we designed a signature locking clasp that was both insanely secure and still easy to click open (aka nail-friendly).  Whatever women wanted to carry around everyday - keys, credit cards, phones, glasses, lipgloss you name it- could be easily and securely attached to their beloved Big O. 

Over 10 years later, Oventure has become a full Handsfree Headquarters™ with solutions for your keys, wallet and phone - all of which are designed with our signature functionality and a dash of on-trend style. Today, the Big O Key Ring can be found on wrists and in over 4000 boutiques worldwide, which just goes to show that women everywhere can always use an extra hand.  



Janie & Caroline

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