Our 2020 Resolutions

Our 2020 Resolutions

It’s not officially a new year until you've made some resolutions and then broken them, right? In hopes of making this our most efficient and engaged year yet, we’ve made four resolutions for ourselves that we are determined to keep.

  1. Let Go of Baggage

We’re all guilty of carrying extra baggage from time to time - physical stuff, mental stuff, emotional stuff. Make the first half of 2020 the time to clean up and clean out. If you’re feeling weighed down, consider this a sign to free yourself of whatever stuff you’re carrying with you on a daily basis.

No matter what baggage you’re cleaning up, remember, you can’t climb a mountain in a day. The best results come from moving slowly and methodically. Don’t rush the process. Not sure where to begin? Start with your handbag. We find that one’s handbag is often a reflection of their lives.

  1. Reach Out to Your Friends

Whether you’re the one that needs a helping hand, or you’re in the place to extend one to others, make an effort this year to reach out to friends. Use that extra 5 minutes you have waiting in the carpool line to ring a friend you miss, or just send a text if you’re pressed for time. A quick convo with a friend can do wonders to lighten your mood.

  1. Improve Organizational Endurance

Organization isn’t a one and done kind of thing, it’s an ongoing process. Once you’ve done the big clean out (see #1), the endurance part is about keeping it that way. Endurance is about putting in the little things that make the whole enchilada.

What small things can you commit to on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis that will keep your home looking clean and clear? Some trouble spots we're committing to staying on top of include our handbags, desks, kitchen counters and car consoles. 

  1. Take Time for You

Last, but certainly not least, remember that you can’t give to others if your cup is empty. Factor in at least an hour of time every week that is just for yourself. Whether your self care takes the form of a walk, a manicure, a nap, or a guilty pleasure TV show, commit to spending time on yourself. Be all there. And when you’re done, you can be all there for others, too.

Happy New Year!

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