We've recently debuted some fun, new silicone styles, and we're so inspired by all of the creative combinations that the #Ogirl community is putting together! From Big O® Key Rings, to wallets, pouches and Hands-Free Tools, the combinations are endless. Below are five recent custom combos made by other #Ogirls to help inspire your next hands-free design. 
This combination is perfect for the rose gold girl! The Silicone ID Case is simple and streamlined card holder with a window for your ID on the front and a slot on the back for some cards. If you're a student, or work out of an office space where you constantly need an ID to buzz in and out - we love this combo for you. Plus - the Hands-Free Tool is a must-have add-on if you're a regular in an office or dorm with elevator buttons.
This combo pairs the Tuxedo Snakeskin Silicone Big O with our new metallic Quicksilver Silicone ID Case. If your style is neutral, this combination is easy to wear, but still has a pop of fun with the snakeskin pattern. While the snakeskin has a super luxe look, it's silicone, so don't forget that you can wipe this whole combo down with an antibacterial wipe.
If you want a spot for your phone, lip gloss and face mask, then a combo with a Large Silicone Pouch is perfect for you! We love the pouch because it's super lightweight and flexible, but incredibly sturdy. Since it's silicone, this combination can be cleaned inside and out with soap and water - a useful feature to have during Covid, and also if you spill something on it!
This gold combo is super classic and holds a ton! The Silicone Pouch can handle your iPhone, card case, face mask, lip gloss and more. This set is our go-to for errand running. Not only is this set hands-free, so you don't have to set it down on contaminated, high-traffic surfaces, but you can completely clean it with an antibacterial wipe after taking it out to the grocery store. 
This 3-piece combination mixes our best-selling Cheetah Big O Key Ring with our new Gold Rush Silicone ID Case. If you want the hardware to match, you can always buy an extra gold clasp and swap out the silver clasp that automatically comes with the Cheetah Big O.