How We're Styling The Hook Me Up at Oventure HQ

How We're Styling The Hook Me Up at Oventure HQ

One thing is for certain - we're are absolutely O-bsessed with The Hook Me Up™ collection here at Oventure HQ. No matter the size, brand or style of your phone case, it can now be worn completely hands-free with these new solutions. Since there are infinite ways you can mix and match with a bracelet key ring, wallet, and phone case, we thought it would be fun to show you the actual combOs that your friends at Oventure have been wearing into the office on a daily basis! We hope this inspires you to create your own unique combO, and know that we are always here to give you suggestions!

In The Saddle Basketweave Big O | Gold Rush Croc Ossential Card Case | Gold Hook Me Up Phone Connector

This gold and saddle brown set mixes both basketweave and croc-embossed textures for a super luxe look!

Pink Topaz Croc Big O | Pink Topaz Mini Envelope | Quicksilver Hook Me Up
This Pink Topaz bracelet keychain matching set always makes us smile - the color is sO very vibrant, and is a pOp of fun against any outfit.

Solid Gold Rush Croc Big O | Gold Rush Smooch | Solid Gold Rush Mini Envelope | Gold Rush Hook Me Up Phone Connector
Just the essentials! Co-founder Janie carries her O-ring loaded up with her cell phone, snap closure wallet, and lipstick holder. 

Rose Gold Croc Big O | Rose Gold Ossential Zip Around | Rose Gold Hook Me Up Phone Connector
The Hook Me Up Phone Connector plays nicely with wallets of all sizes! Here, a cell phone is layered on top of our classic, continental style wallet.

Midnight Navy Bamboo Big O | Added Gold Clasp | Gold Hook Me Up Phone Connector

#Ogirl Tip! We sell our Signature Locking Clasp separately so you can always change out the metal color on your Big O Key Ring. Midnight Navy normally comes with Quicksilver hardware - but the gold clasp totally changes the lOOk!

Cheetah Big O | Quicksilver Hook Me Up

We love this vibrant summer pairing! If you have a brightly colored phone case, it will look O sO cute hanging off of a silicone Big O Key Ring in any of the prints.

Quicksilver Hook Me Up Crossbody | Quicksilver Mini Envelope 

The Hook Me Up Collection also includes an O-mazing chain for wearing your phone crossbody! Not only can the chain hold your phone, it is strong enough to hold your wallet, too! 

Gold Rush Hook Me Up Crossbody | Gold Rush Croc Ossential Card Case

This streamlined, crossbody combO is perfect for concerts, game day, errands - even date night! 

Rose Gold Hook Me Up Crossbody | Rose Gold Leather ID Case | Rose Gold Smooch

Co-founder Caroline wears her crossbody loaded up with a snap closure wallet and our darling lipstick holder. Insider scOOp! She said she was O-bsessed with wearing this cute combO while traveling overseas last month.

What's your combO, #Ogirl? Tag us on Instagram @shopoventure #oventure for a chance to be featured on our feed and in stories! xO

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