How to Take a Big O® Key Ring Photo That Engages Your Audience

How to Take a Big O® Key Ring Photo That Engages Your Audience

O-bsessed with the hands-free life and think your friends will be, too? Whether you just received a brand new Big O Key Ring and want to show it off, or you're still committed to your tried-and-true, these tips will help you create organic social content that you can use to introduce friends and family to the functionality, ease and style of Oventure!

Tip 1: Shoot in Natural Lighting


A good photo is all about good lighting. We always try to take our Big O Key Ring photos in soft, natural light which is not only the most flattering, but also shows colors most realistically. The best times to find natural light are in the mornings, early evening, or mid-day near a window (so that some of the light is filtered). We typically avoid a flash so that the contrast in the image isn't too high.

Tip 2: Create a Realistic Scene


The setting for your Big O Key Ring photo should make sense. If you're wearing your Big O Key Ring in the photo, it should be at a location you would normally wear it - heading out the door, running errands, getting in the car, at your kid's a soccer game, etc. If you're styling your Big O Key Ring in a flat lay photo, you could snap a pic of it near your handbag, on a kitchen counter, hanging by your door, or anywhere else you might normally find your Big O combO.

Tip 3: Focus on the Product


In order to create a photo that truly converts, it's important to make sure the composition places emphasis on your hands-free combO and that nothing else detracts. For instance, if your Big O Key Ring was obscured by your to-go coffee it wouldn't be visible, and then your followers wouldn't see the O-mazing hands-free functionality!

Tip 4: Add a Splash of Color


When people are scrolling their Insta feed, there's one thing above all that catches their attention: color! As you set up your composition, always try to incorporate a pOp of color. The color pop could be anything - the Oventure product itself (we're looking at you Tickled Pink!), a bright piece of clothing you are wearing, or even a fun background.

Tip 5: Showcase Personal Style


Organic social content is all about staying true to your own personal style, so don't be afraid to put a unique spin on your next Big O Key Ring photo. The most successful photos from our #Ogirls are the ones that shine with personality. To incorporate some of your personality, you could show a peek into your lifestyle (ex. wearing a Big O to your kid's soccer game), or take a pic of your Big O Key Ring mixed in with your other signature accessories. 

Don't forget to tag @shopoventure, #Oventure and #BigOKeyRing in your photos for a chance to be regrammed on Insta!

At Oventure, we rely on the power of the female voice to help our community grow. Whether you're part of our Inner Circle Rewards Program, or you're an #OfficialOgirl Brand Ambassador, referring your friends to Oventure is a great way to help you earn store credit for your next purchase!
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