Just got a new Big O® Key Ring? Congrats! If you're unsure how to open the signature locking clasp on your Big O®, not to worry - it's a common question. This quick video will show you how to easily unlock the clasp, then snap the lever back into place to secure your essentials.


Step 1: Press down on the flat part of the clasp with your thumb to release the lever. Sometimes, the clasp can be a little stiff the first time you open it!

Step 2: Slide your essentials - keys, card holder, etc. - onto the open clasp.

Step 3: Pull the flat lever up until you hear a *click* to lock everything back into place.

P.S. If you've tried this technique and you're still unable to open the locking clasp, please email us at wecare {at} oventure.com.