How to Nail Your Big O® Key Ring Unboxing Video

How to Nail Your Big O® Key Ring Unboxing Video

Hey #Ogirl! Just got an Oventure package at your doorstep? That's O-mazing! If you think the women in your cOmmunity could also benefit from living life hands-free, the best way to tell them about it is to show them. Below we've got some helpful tips and tricks for you to nail your next Oventure unboxing video for a result that feels (and is!) genuine to you and your followers.
Unboxing is all about taking your viewer along on the exciting "reveal" journey you're experiencing! The goal is to capture the thrill of receiving something new in the mail in video form. While it might feel silly while recording, remember that the most important part of unboxing is to specifically call attention to the details that made a difference to you - even if it seems totally obvious.
When Your Package Arrives
  • Talk About Shipping In the age of instant gratification, everyone loves to hear what the shipping experience was like and what they can expect.
  • Show the Outer Package Ooh, ahh! We take great care in creating an O-dorable box that arrives on your doorstep ready to make your day. For many of us, knowing that we are going to receive special packaging is a great reason for trying out a new brand.
  • Explain the Extras Inside Once the box is open, show off all of the gOOdies inside. Zero in on the colorful confetti, dust bags and hidden messages inside the box. Also, don't forget to point out everyone's favorite packaging detail - the candies! Not only are they colorful and circular like a Big O, they're "lifesavers," too... wink, wink!
  • The Big Reveal Everyone loves the thrill of the reveal. Pull the items out of their dust bags and show the colors you chose! 
  • Do a Demonstration Last but certainly not least, demonstrate the purpose of the items you received. If it's a Big O Key Ring, attach it to your keys and slide it on your arm to show the hands-free simplicity. If it's a Silicone Pouch, clip it onto your Big O, or show all of the daily essentials that will fit inside.

Need an O-mazing example? We got you!

Above: #OfficialOgirl Stephanie J. (@mrsspj) unboxes a Rainbow Tie-Dye Silicone Big O Key Ring and Large Tickled Pink Silicone Pouch
Stephanie's Tip: "Be yourself! We all have unique personalities that sparkle and shine. People follow you because they love you for who you are, so always be yourself when sharing!"

At Oventure, we rely on the power of the female voice to help our community grow. Whether you're part of our Inner Circle Rewards Program, or you're an #OfficialOgirl Brand Ambassador, referring your friends to Oventure is a great way to help you earn store credit for your next purchase!


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