Oventure is more than just the home of the Original Big O® Key Ring, we're your Hands-Free Headquarters! We're all for making your keys hands-free and easy to access, but it's even better when ALL of your daily essentials are in one, easy-to-find place. If you're ready to build your own hands-free life hub, let us show you how - all it takes is 3 easy steps!
Step 1: Pick a Base
The first step is picking your hands-free base. You can choose from a classic silicone or leather Big O Key Ring, or one of our newer pieces like a Wristlet Chain or Crossbody Chain. Of course you can always choose more than one "base"! We lOve having our Big O Key Ring for daily use - errands, work, carpool, etc. - and then swapping in the wristlet and crossbody for game day, date nights, etc. The jewelry-quality hardware on the wristlet and crossbody makes these pieces the perfect pOp of fun against any outfit!
Step 2: Choose Add-Ons
Cash, cards, lipstick - we've got a hands-free solution for all of it. There's no right way to pick your add-ons, the most important part is that you choose what works for you! We've got mini card cases, large pouches, lipstick holders, and more. To choose your add-ons, we suggest pulling out all of your must-have daily essentials (ex. debit card, ID, phone, chapstick) and then determining what accessories you'll need to organize them.
For instance, if you need your AirPods, you could go for an Ossential Card Case or Mini Pouch. If you need your lipstick and a few cards, go for a Mini Envelope and The Smooch. If sunglasses are a non-negotiable, the Large Silicone Pouch is for you! We are all about simplicity and pairing down, so don't be worried about finding a hands-free sOlution for absolutely everything in your handbag. All you need are the essentials!
Step 3: Add Your Phone
Last but not least, attach your phone to your hands-free combo! If you go with a Big O Key Ring as your hands-free base, you'll attach your phone to it with the Hook Me Up™ Universal Phone Connector. On the other hand, if you choose a Wristlet or Crossbody as your hands-free base, these pieces will automatically serve as the connection to your phone case. As a reminder, our entire Hook Me Up collection is designed to be compatible with every phone case, so you never have to worry about choosing the right size.
Pre-Made Sets 
If you're overwhelmed with options, we've got a sOlution for you, too! Take the guesswork out of your next combO with one of our 3-in-1 Big O Key Ring sets. Each of these sets includes a best-selling Big O Key Ring, matching wallet or pouch, and a Hook Me Up Phone Connector. These sets are O-mazing because they're tried-and-true best-sellers, and priced so you can save when you buy the full set!