The Hook Me Up™ FAQ

The Hook Me Up™ FAQ

We are sO excited about how O-bsessed all of our Ogirls have been with The Hook Me Up collection in the last few weeks! Whether you have just received yours or are thinking about getting one, we know you have questions, and we have answers! Below are our most frequently asked questions about the Universal Phone Connector, Wristlet and Crossbody, but if you have any other questions, please do email us at - we're always here to help!


Q: Can you re-stick the adhesive if you get a new phone case? 

A: If you remove the backing of The Hook Me Up and apply the adhesive to the inside of your phone case, then it cannot be removed and re-applied to a different phone case - it just won’t be sticky enough!

Q: Do you have to use the adhesive?

A: Yes and no. While we haven't tried this ourselves, we have heard of Ogirls using this little hack so they can avoid the adhesive. Keep in mind, this only works if you have a phone case with a charging port cut-out, and won't be nearly as secure as when you do apply the adhesive.

To try this method... Remove the hardware from the bottom of the tab. Place the tab inside your phone case with the loop through the charging port (don’t apply the adhesive). Reattach the hardware at the bottom, place your phone in the case, and attach the hardware to your Big O Key Ring locking clasp. If your phone case is nice and snug, the phone combined with the stabilization of the cutouts should keep The Hook Me Up in place. 

Q: Does The Hook Me Up sticker go on your phone, or inside your phone case?

A: The Hook Me Up sticker goes inside your phone case at the bottom, so the plastic loop can go through the charging port.

Q: Did you have another version of The Hook Me Up? How is this different from the first version?

A: Yes! We did have an earlier version of a hands-free phone case converter that we launched last year. The quality and longevity of the original version did not hold up to our O sO high standards, so we decided to scrap it and start from scratch! Here are some of the majOr changes we made…

  • Increased Durability: The new version is strong and durable. It’s now made of reinforced PVC and has 3M adhesive on the back.
  • Jewelry-Quality Hardware: We now have The Hook Me Up available in all three metal colors - gold rush, quicksilver and rose gold. The metal has a nice weight to it, and the lobster claw is super substantial and secure. The hardware on The Hook Me Up is now made of the same metal that we use for our Big O Key Ring locking clasps.
  • Swiveling Mechanism: The biggest, most important difference is the swiveling mechanism we built in. The clasp can now fully rotate so that the loop itself doesn’t take all of the wear and tear. Functionally speaking, we have found that the swivel is an absolute must-have so you can pick up a phone call easily while the Hook Me Up is attached to your bracelet key ring or lanyard.
  • Transparent Style: We went with clear PVC this time so that if you’re not a pink person - no problem! Also, if you have a clear phone case, you won’t see any color showing through.
  • Crazy Cute Packaging: Even the packaging is new and improved! Our new version has a cute foil star in the corner to show the metal color, and the back has all of the instructions.

Q: Is The Hook Me Up™ compatible with all brands of cell phones?

A: The Hook Me Up works with every type, brand and size of phone case. If there's a specific case you have a question about, you can always send us an email at

Q: If you buy the Crossbody or the Wristlet, can you swap and put it straight on your Big O Key Ring, too?

A: Good question! Technically yes, but here’s now that works. If you remove the Crossbody or Wristlet chain from the plastic loop, then you can directly attach the plastic loop to the Big O Key Ring locking clasp. However, if the plastic loop is directly attached to the Big O Key Ring locking clasp, you'll be missing the hardware's swivel mechanism that contributes to the longterm durability. For the best functionality possible, you’ll want to get a Hook Me Up Universal Phone Connector in addition to a Crossbody or Wristlet if you'd like to wear your phone on your bracelet keychain or lanyard.


Q: Does the plastic tab come with the Wristlet?

A: Yes! One plastic tab comes with each Wristlet, Crossbody and Universal Phone Connector.

Any other Q's, Ogirl? Send us an email at and we can help! xOxO

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