Moms love the handsfree Big O Key Ring

Gift Guide: Gifts for Moms of all Ages

Mom's love the Big O Key Ring
This Mother's Day, give the gift of handsfree simplicity to the O-mazing women who make your world go round!  We all know every mom can use an extra hand -  she's juggling children, groceries, paperwork, lattes, you name it.  Created by moms for moms, Oventure's hands free accessories are designed to give women an extra hand to hold onto what's most important.  Whether you're shopping for a new mom, grandma, mother-in-law or a special person in your life, we've got the perfect gift for moms of all ages. 
Treat the New Mom (or Mom-to-Be) to something extra special - a Big O Key Ring and Silicone Pouch 3-in-1 set.  This handsfree set has everything she needs to organize and simplify her mom-life including the Original Big O bracelet key ring, a mini or large silicone pouch and the Hook Me Up Universal Phone Connector.  Select the Mini Silicone Pouch to hold cards, cash, a mini diaper cream, or lip balm.  The Large Silicone Pouch can act as a satellite diaper bag to hold diaper, wipes, and a pacifier for quick trips to the park.  All sets come with our Phone Connector so mom can hold her phone hands free without worrying about dropping it while carrying her precious cargo.  For the our New Mom, we'd go for anything pink or blue - depending on whether she's a girl mom or boy mom. And of course, we like silicone for her because it's ultra-durable and easy to clean which is a must for life with a newborn.  
What to Do For the New Mom on Mother's Day:
Let her sleep in and serve her breakfast in bed. Take her to the spa. Drop her off. While she's at the spa, clean the entire house, do the laundry, wash the dishes... oh, and take care of the baby.

She's definitely not a Regular Mom. The Cool Mom is up on her trends - in fact, she knows them long before you do. When it comes to buying gifts for the Cool Mom, it can be a little tricky, but luckily we did some research. She would love our Crossbody Chain Set which transforms her phone case into a handsfree phone accessory with everything she needs to take her from game day to date night and in between.  The Crossbody Chain is made of jewelry quality hardware and makes any phone case hands free.  The Mini Envelope holds her cash, ID and cards in style.  This cool handsfree phone combo is the perfect gift since the cool mom is way over the bulky crossbody handbag.  
What to Cook For the Cool Mom on Mother's Day Morning
Cook any recipe from our local favorite momma, Alex Snodgrass and the Defined Dish.
The Active Mom is always on the go. Whether she's reorganizing the garage, training for a marathon, or rounding up kiddos for soccer practice, she needs an accessory that can keep up with her. For the Active Mom, we'd suggest anything from Oventure's silicone collection - it's hardy, water-resistant, and down for anything, just like her. Start with a Silicone Big O, then go for an Silicone Pouch or ID case.  The ID case is perfect if she carries an ID or work badge.  We also think she'd love a Large Silicone Pouch, which holds sunglasses, hand sanitizer, a phone, a granola bar, and a camping tent (just kidding).  Any Oventure accessory combo that you choose will ensure her essentials are always within reach.
Since the active mom is constantly on the go, we think she might be O-bsessed with a Bracelet Bag. Bracelet Bags come with an attached metal O-ring for all-in-one simplicity, and can hold her lipstick, phone, card case all while giving her a free hand to hold the much needed cocktail at the end of the day.
What to Cook for the Active Mom on Mother's Day Morning (Before You Execute Her To-Do List): 5 easy recipes you and the kids can cook for mom.
You're a grandma?! You are? You look great. For Grandma's gift, we love something timeless and classic. If she's got impeccable style, we'd suggest an ultra luxe, leather Big O (like Back in Black Croc or Solid Gold Rush Croc) and a matching leather wallet.  After all, grandma can appreciate the hands freedom that Oventure provides whether she's holding her grandchild's hand, carrying groceries, running errands or walking the dog.  Pick a matching Solid Gold Croc Ossential Card Case for credit cards, ID, and Cash and a Lipstick holder for a little extra sparkle and shine. She can wear the Big O Key Ring add-ons layered, or can swap them in and out depending on what kind of trouble she's getting into that day.
What to Ask Grandma About on Mother's Day:
How did you meet Grandpa?
If you're like us and always down to the last minute shopping, we have the perfect gift for women of all ages.  Best of all, it arrives in minutes!   Whether you have a special friend, fun aunt, or you just want to send a little token of gratitude to a fellow mom who gets you through the tough days, our digital gift card will let her know she makes your world go round.  We will email the recipient at your selected time (even right this minute), and she can select a bracelet key ring, wallet, phone wristlet or the handsfree item of her choice at  With gifts starting at $25, our Oventure gift cards are sure to make you look like a gift giving prO! 
What to Do With Your Special Friend the Next Time You See Them:
Get dressed up, take your new hands-free accessories out on the town, have a nice dinner (no chicken fingers or ketchup allowed), enjoy yourselves!
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