There are few people who could use an extra hand (and deserve a standing O-vation) more than teachers of the 2021-2022 school year! As an end-of-the-year thank you to the superwoman who does it all, give her a Big O® Key Ring and matching add-on for something she'll use all day, every day.
Every teacher we know is O-bsessed with her Silicone Big O Key Ring. Our non-toxic silicone styles are super durable, water resistant, and totally kid-proof. When it comes to choosing a color, go for a school color, or something that complements her classroom color scheme. To take it to the next level, you could even put the Big O Key Ring around the vase of a potted plant for her classroom.
If you want to give her a Big O add-on as well, try a Silicone ID Case. The Silicone ID Case is double-sided so she can put her school ID in the front cut-out window, and cards or cash in the back pocket. The Silicone ID + Big O Key Ring combo is a fabulous alternative for the traditional lanyard she might use. If you do gift your kiddO's teacher a Silicone ID, it would be a nice gesture to fill it with a gift card - maybe Starbucks for a much-needed caffeine boost, or an office supply store so she can restock her classroom before summer's over.
Another great Big O accessory for teachers is the Large Silicone Pouch. The Silicone Pouch is made out of the same durable silicone you know and love - it's water-resistant, flexible and lightweight. She can wear it attached to her Big O Key Ring, or could even use it as a pouch to organize a larger tote bag. If you'd like to fill the Large Silicone Pouch with some extra goodies, you could load it up with colorful pens, personalized stationery, or a handwritten thank you note!