The Original Big O® Key Ring is now available in three different materials: Leather, Silicone and Resin. While the functionality and durability is the same across the board, there are some variations when it comes to fit, weight and silhouette. This guide will help to shine a light the small differences so you can choose the best Big O Key Ring material for you and your lifestyle!

Let’s start with diameter. Resin and Leather Big O Key Rings both have a 4-inch diameter, while Silicone has a 3.75-inch diameter. The slightly wider diameter means that Resin and Leather are perfect for those who have larger wrists and hands, or those who like to wear their Big O Key Ring above their elbow.
Smallest to Largest: Silicone, Leather, Resin
There is a slight, yet noticeable difference in the weight of the three types of Big O Key Rings. Resin is the lightest weight Big O Key Ring. Both Leather and Silicone Big Os have reinforced inner cores to help them maintain their strength and durability. Of the three, Silicone is the heaviest Big O.
Lightest to Heaviest: Resin, Leather, Silicone
Now let’s talk about silhouette! Resin has a super slim, delicate-looking silhouette. Silicone has a slightly thicker profile than Resin, but is still on the thinner side. Leather is definitely the widest from a side view, which mainly is due to the way the seam is sewn. The silhouette doesn’t effect the function or durability of the Big O Key Ring, it all comes down to personal preference and the kind of look you want.
Thinnest to Widest: Resin, Silicone, Leather
The Original Big O Key Ring is all about quality and durability, so no matter which one you pick, it’s designed to be totally life-proof. That being said, there are differences in the way you should care for your Big O Key Ring to maximize its lifespan. Resin and silicone are water-resistant and therefore can be washed with a mild soap and water. Our leather Big Os are coated, so they are also also highly durable, but since they are made from genuine leather, they cannot be submerged in water and should be wiped down with a damp cloth to be cleaned.
Here at Oventure, we’re all for having a Big O for every O-ccasion! We view resin and leather as the luxe, dressy options, and silicone as our more casual, kid-proof style. One of the O-mazing perks of the Original Big O Key Ring is that the signature locking clasp allows you to easily (and securely!) add your keys, wallet, pouch and more to a different Big O anytime you’d like!