The Large Silicone Pouch is one of the most popular and versatile hands-free accessories in the Oventure collection. This ultra-durable, lightweight style was created in 2020, and is now available in 11 colors. Due to the washable silicone material and carry-all size, we find that the Large Silicone Pouch is the ultimate must-have for all women on-the-go, whether they’re students, new moms or brides-to-be.
Everyday Carry-All
We designed the Large Silicone Pouch to be the perfect size: it holds a cell phone, wallet, sunglasses, lipstick, a checkbook - all of your daily essentials. But we didn’t stop there. The Large Silicone Pouch was made to be not just a regular clutch, but one that you could affix to your Big O Key Ring to wear totally hands-free. We added a logo cut-out in the top corner (and a carabiner) so you can easily attach a Silicone Pouch to your Big O at any time. 
Makeup Organizer
Did you know that our Silicone Pouches are totally washable? Better believe it! Unclipped from a Big O Key Ring, the Silicone Pouch makes an excellent makeup organizer within a large tote bag. Since the pouch can be washed with soap and water (or wiped down with an antibacterial wipe), it can be cleaned quickly and easily if an eyeshadow pops open or a lipgloss isn’t sealed tight.
Diaper Bag On-The-Go
The Large Silicone Pouch also makes a useful diaper bag accessory. On its own, the Pouch can be tucked into your diaper bag to hold small accessories such as pacifiers. If you’re headed to the park or grocery store and don’t want to lug your entire diaper bag with you, simply load up the Large Silicone Pouch with a diaper, wipes, etc., attach it to a Big O Key Ring, and gO! We might be slightly biased when we say the Large Silicone Pouch is an essential gift for all new moms.
Night-Out Clutch
In the age of COVID-19, we’ve been using a Large Silicone Pouch as our go-to night-out clutch. The Large Pouch can hold a face mask, iPhone, wallet and lipstick, and is small enough to sit right on the table while you eat. After returning home, we love the fact that we can completely clean and disinfect the Silicone Pouch with an antibacterial wipe for total peace of mind. With this super reliable option available, it’s safe to say that we’re leaving our leather clutches in the closet for a little while longer!
Bridesmaid Gift
If you’re a bride-to-be, the Large Silicone Pouch would also make a fabulous gift for your bridesmaids. We love the idea of loading a Silicone Pouch up with wedding day bridesmaid essentials (Advil, power bar, safety pins, lip balm, bandaids, etc.), then gifting one to each friend. Once your bridesmaids use all of their day-of goodies, they can easily repurpose it for everyday use while still remembering your special day!
February 16, 2021