5-Step Guide to Choose the Right Wallet

5-Step Guide to Choose the Right Wallet

Choosing a wallet is a highly personal, surprisingly difficult task. Of course there’s style to consider, but then equally (if not more) important is functionality. As you know Oventure is all about pairing down and carrying only what you need, so here is our 5-step guide for determining the best wallet for you to carry everyday.

Determine What is Working

Take your current wallet, dump it out on the table, and then analyze what’s there. Put everything you’ve used in the last three days in pile #1. Things you haven’t touched in the last three weeks go into pile #2. And lastly, things you haven’t touched in three months go in pile #3. Here’s the shocker - only pile #1 should be going into your new wallet. The things in the second pile, rarely used credit cards, gift cards, etc., should be kept in a safe place at home. Things from the third pile should either be thrown away (old receipts, we see you), or redistributed (business cards, for instance).

Size Matters

Now that we know what will be going into your new wallet, the next component to consider is the capacity. Are you looking for something that holds just cards, or some other things, too? In our hands-free world, we recommend keeping things as streamlined as possible, but Oventure offers a large selection of small and large wallets and pouches to carry just what you need every day. Count the cards you need versus the card slots in the wallet you’re looking at. Will there be plenty of space, or will you have to double a few cards up? If you have lots of cards and want to see each one, we recommend our Organizer wallet which has 12 card slots. 

Cash is King

Do you carry cash and coins regularly? If yes, do you actually use them, or is it just out of habit? If they’re essential, then you’ll need to find a place for them in your new wallet. While cash can easily be folded up into any number of wallets, don’t let a lack of coin pockets determine your new wallet choice, as many modern wallets no longer have this element at all. We suggest leaving your change in the car and at home so your daily load will be as light as possible.

Easy Access

What kind of wallet closure do you have now? A snap? A zipper? Whatever it is, does it make you feel like your things are secure? On the other side of the coin, ask yourself, what’s the easiest way for you to access your things when in a rush? While it may seem like a small detail right now, closures can often be the most difficult thing to adjust to when using a new wallet. 

I Need to See Your ID

Do you regularly need to flash your driver's license, school ID or work ID? Then we’d suggest a wallet that has an easily visible ID window like our Leather ID Case or Silicone ID Case

You’ve Got Great Style

Once all of these other elements have been decided, now comes the fun part - choosing a style. First think about texture. Want something chic and embossed, or classic and smooth? Next, color. A neutral works year round, whereas a fun color can add a pop of fun to your everyday look (and can sometimes make it easier to find when lost)!

Good job! You’ve made it through your 5-step wallet analysis. Compare your answers to the elements of some of our best-selling wallets below to determine which one is the best for you.

Ossential Leather ID Case

Gold Ossential ID Card Case 

Card Slots: 1 interior card slot

ID Window: 1 interior ID slot, 1 exterior ID slot

Holds Cash: Yes, folded

Holds Coins: No

Closure: Snap


Ossential Silicone ID Case

Silcione Ossential ID Case

Card Slots: 1 exterior card slot

ID Window: 1 exterior ID slot

Holds Cash: Yes, folded

Holds Coins: No

Closure: None

Materials: Silicone


Ossential Leather Card Case

Oventure Gold Zip Top Card Case

Card Slots: 1 exterior card slot

ID Window: None

Holds Cash: Yes, folded

Holds Coins: Yes

Closure: Zipper

Materials: Smooth leather, embossed leather


Ossential Zip Around Wallet

Oventure Leather Zip Around Wallet

Compartments: 12 interior card slots, 4 interior pockets

ID Window: none

Holds Cash: Yes, flat or folded

Holds Most Cell Phones: Yes

Closure: Zipper

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