5 Pieces of Advice for 2020 Graduates

5 Pieces of Advice for 2020 Graduates

Embarking on the next phase of life can be an intimidating prospect even under normal circumstances, but requires extra bravery and backup plans in today's climate. We have no doubt that you're overwhelmed with recommendations and suggestions as you begin your next chapter, but our advice is simple: carry only what you need.

Carry only what you need. This is the motto that Oventure was built upon. It's not only a phrase that informs our designs, it's a mantra that reminds us to focus on the essentials of life without getting distracted by meaningless clutter or expectations. 

In our experience, we've found that the following five things are our essentials - everything else you can let go of, or pick up along the way.

1. Commit to Your Biggest Dreams

First thing's first, determine your dream and go after it. The bigger and scarier, the better. Listen carefully to others, but don’t be defeated by obstacles or noise along the way. Carry with you the confidence and determination that intends on changing the world, and you will succeed.

2. Be a Lifelong Student

Education is a lifelong journey - it doesn't end with graduation. When you hit unfamiliar waters in life, your willingness to learn, adapt and change will directly influence the outcome. The best students don't always know the answers, but they are critical thinkers and keen listeners with an inquisitive spirit and 2-tap access to a google search window.

3. Always Count Yourself Third

Our third piece of advice is to always count yourself third. In business, this means you come after your customers, then your colleagues. The humility that accompanies that third slot is EVERYTHING! You need humility at every level of success. Being confident is essential, but so is being humble and of service to those around you. Always count yourself third, and you will change the world with your kindness.

4. Embrace Your Strengths (and Weaknesses)

We are all an ever-changing combination of strengths and weaknesses, and whatever yours are, embrace them. An awareness of your strengths will give you the confidence to say "YES, I can do this." On the flip side, an awareness of your weaknesses will give you the humility you need to raise your hand and ask for help.

5. Only Hold Onto What's Important

Last but not least, the most important and essential piece of advice: hold on to what’s important, and let the rest go. When you let go of the clutter and excess baggage, you're able to see what really matters. Once you lighten your load, you have the focus and the energy to care for what’s important to you. And isn’t that what life is all about?

If you carry these five things with you and remain true to yourself, you can’t be anything less than a great success no matter what you choose to do. Congratulations! You are ready! Now go for it and remember you have all that you need right now to go change this world!

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