With endless hands-free combinations available, we asked the Oventure team to share the sets they're most excited to give as gifts this holiday season!
Janie: My favorite, everyday combo to give (or get!) this holiday would be this 3-piece set with a Big O Key Ring, Hands-Free Tool and Silicone Pouch. The large size of the Silicone Pouch can fit an iPhone and sunglasses, which makes this a really convenient all-in-one set for women on the go!
Jana: This darling, silicone combo would make such a great gift for my daughters. The new Mini Silicone Pouch is the perfect size for credit cards and a lipstick - the most important essentials! Since there are so many matching color combinations available in this set, I would probably get a Cheetah combo for one, and a Tuxedo Snakeskin combo for the other.
Madeline: I'm planning on giving my girlfriends a combination of these three brand new pieces! I love how all three items can function independently, or can be stacked up for all-in-one simplicity. The combination of solid rose gold and confetti rose gold is a really fun look, too!
Jane: My go-to stocking stuffer for family this year is the Bamboo Silicone Big O attached to a Hands-Free Tool. This combination is a chic way to keep your hands free, but also clean and clear of germs at all times. Also, the Tuxedo Snakeskin Silicone Pouch is on my own wishlist this holiday - I'm O-bsessed with the print!
Kellie: My top choice for holiday is hands-down this true blue combo! The navy Big O is a timeless and neutral shade, the Hands-Free Tool provides of-the-moment functionality, and the Mini Pouch in Peacock is so fun and vibrant. I love how lightweight the mini pouch is when attached to a Big O - I can't wait to share this same set with my best friends!
Caroline: The essentials-only, three-piece set that I've been using lately is a combination of a Silicone Big O, Hands-Free Tool, and Silicone ID Case. I love using this combination when I run into the grocery store because it's a hands-free way to carry all I need, and I can completely clean it with an antibacterial wipe after I get home. I plan on giving different color combinations of this same set to my daughter and nieces this holiday!
Twyla: I'm planning on giving this layered look to my mom and sister this holiday. I love how these pieces could be used in different ways. I could see each of them using all three pieces clipped together for hands-free ease, but also taking off the Large Silicone Pouch and using it as a compartment within a tote bag. With so many color options in all three of these pieces available, I'm looking forward to creating 2 totally different looks for each of them!