What is the story of Sweet Pineapple?

Sweet Pineapple began with the desire to enjoy my work and to one day have flexibility to care for my family. I started the business in a small space as the sole employee. After 7 years in business, the business has grown tremendously and has been more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined. I feel passionately about creating a retreat for our customers, providing a positive work environment for my team, and having a solid platform for my amazing wholesalers to shine. 


How is Sweet Pineapple different from other stores in your area? 

Sweet Pineapple is different from every other store anywhere because it was created by me. And I think that's true for any store! That's the message I pass along to any new business owner - no one has the same vision, point of view, and way of seeing things that you do. I find it much more productive to spend time and energy continuing to develop your own vision rather than focusing on what others are doing. How exciting that we can all bring something different to the table!


What trends are you seeing right now?

2020 has been all about the home for us! We've seen strong performances in categories that go into making a home cozy, comfy, warm and welcoming - home fragrance, cozy blankets, and holiday decor are just a few examples.  


Which Oventure product is most popular with your clientele?

The Silicone Big O Key Ring in Gold Confetti has been the long time favorite and best seller at Sweet Pineapple. The Hands-Free Tool has also flown out the door for us this year!


Which Oventure product would you suggest as a holiday gift? 

I am LOVING the new Bamboo Big O Key Rings. I think the shape is so fun and different! It's also a fabulous gifting price point at $25.


What is your favorite thing about Huntsville, AL?

Huntsville is a very smart city with a rich history and continued growth within STEM fields. This makes for a wonderfully diverse community with people moving in from all over. I love that the city offers activities that reflect the diverse interests within the community. We have everything from The Space and Rocket Center, to art and music shows, a beautiful new baseball stadium, and a long list of great shops and locally owned restaurants.


As a gift curator yourself, what is the best gift you were ever given? 

This is such a tough question, and I couldn't possibly choose only one thing. So I'll keep my list short and tell you that the most important thing to me about gifts is the thought and time behind them. So here's my short list: My engagement ring that my husband designed for months without any input from me, and before Pinterest! A play kitchen that my parents built from scratch, meticulously hand painted, and finished with all the moving parts a true kitchen needs. And two handmade blankets for my little girl from each of her grandmothers. 


What are your holiday gift shopping tips?

My number one tip is to NOT STRESS. There are so many things in this world to worry about, and I just feel like gift giving should not be one of them! So if your list seems overwhelming, break it down and look at it in smaller sections. (You can organize by price range, date needed, or even order it from easiest to hardest to gift.)


How do you find gifts for the hard-to-shop-for people on your list?

For those on your list you find hard to buy for, I would suggest thinking about one thing or activity they enjoy. Is there something you can find that compliments that one thing? It's a great way to gift intentionally and have something they're sure to like! Also, don't be afraid of a gift card. (I know, I know...) But I'm a big believer that a gift card can still be meaningful if it's special and specific to that person. And lastly, ask for help! If you're in a local shop and feel stumped, ask a team member for suggestions. That's why we're here! 


964 Airport Rd SW #1

Huntsville, AL 35802