Revel Boutique was founded in June 2012 by Heather Orscheln. Originally known as "Repurpose Boutique," the storefront was the physical manifestation of Heather's established, online designer consignment business. A few years after the store opened, the business pivoted, shifting away from consignment and towards new, non-consignment items. Today, Revel has two locations in the Midwest, both of which bring customers a carefully curated selection of affordable, fashion-forward clothing, accessories, shoes and gifts. 

What is the story of Revel Boutique? 

When I first quit teaching, I was an at-home eBay girl. All of my inventory was acquired on a consignment basis, so it was a safe and economical way to start a storefront in 2012. While I had very minimal inventory costs, and only paid owners if their item sold, I quickly realized I needed to charge far more than 100% markup in order to make a profit to pay for the brick and mortar operating costs. After a year of consigning at the storefront, I began to dabble in buying new merchandise at wholesale costs. Those items quickly became the biggest sellers in the store. Two years later, I completely phased out all consignment and completely rebranded by store to be what it is today. 


How is Revel Boutique different from other stores in your area?

Revel Boutique gives women and men in our Midwest area a place to find the latest trends & quality brands at a competitive price. I also strive to be a personal stylist for women of all ages, sizes, and styles. 

What trends are you are seeing right now?

The biggest trends we’ve seen this summer have all been leisurewear and athletic styles. They’re pieces that are comfortable whether you’re social distancing and working from home, or an essential worker and on-the-go. Regardless of what a customer's plans are right now, all are finding Oventure's Big O Key Ring more useful than ever!


Which Oventure product is most popular with your clientele? 

The Big O Key Ring is by far our best-seller. Our clients tend to gravitate toward the silicone styles because they're so durable and easy to use, but the luxe leather is a favorite for those particularly fashion-forward shoppers!


What is your favorite thing about Carthage, MO?

My favorite thing about Carthage, MO is always going to be the sense of community. Whether our customers were rallying around to support us during this pandemic or just popping by to shop on a normal day, there’s no better place to bring this dream to life. In return, we love being able to host events that support the community who is always there for us.

What words of wisdom do you live by?

"Community over competition.” There are only things to be gained when everyone works together rather than against each other! 


What is your advice for those who might be interested in starting a new boutique business?

My advice to anyone starting a new boutique would be to research your area and nearby stores, then try to create a vibe or theme that is not already represented in your community. It is very important to strive to be unique and original, and to clearly brand yourself so you stand out against the competition.


Given your personal experience of adapting your business to fit the times, do you have any suggestions for small business owners who are needing to change and readjust in the wake of the pandemic?

Everyone that currently owns a small business has to be comfortable with pivoting in order to stay afloat and successful. You have to try new things that stretch outside of your comfort zone. Also, it's more important than ever to continue building relationships with your shoppers, so you can create an experience that encourages customers to shop in stores rather than online.  

Revel Boutique

500 Peachtree Drive

Carthage, MO 64836