Exciting news! We're thrilled to be launching our #OfficialOgirl Ambassador Program on Oventure.com. This new program goes a step beyond our Inner Circle Referral Program, and invites dedicated, Big O® Key Ring-obsessed O-Girls to earn cash commission by referring their friends, fam, and community to us!

Since the beginning, Oventure has grown via word of mouth - one woman to the next. The #OfficialOgirl Program brings that same power-of-the-female-voice idea to the digital age. It's our goal to not only grow our own community and reach, but to empower the women in our orbit to begin their very own "O" venture. After all, as a female-owned and operated company, we firmly believe that women supporting women is the best way to invest in our collective future!

Already sound like fun? Apply here! Have a few questions? We got you - keep reading!


Who can become an #OfficialOgirl?

#OfficialOgirls are real-life embodiments of the Oventure brand. We're looking for applicants who are positive, inclusive, and always striving to give others an extra hand. Women from all walks of life can become an #OfficialOgirl. Whether you're a stay-at-home mom, an influencer, a college student, a retiree, or just looking for a fun side hustle, you can join. The only application requirement is that you're passionate about the hands-free life, and are personally familiar with the Oventure collection (i.e. O-bsessed with your Big O Key Ring).

How does the #OfficialOgirl Brand Ambassador Program work?

It's easy! Once you're accepted into the program, we'll send you a custom 20% off code and accompanying referral link that you can share with your friends and family, or promote on your social channels. Every time someone uses your code or referral link, you'll receive your choice of 15% commission in store credit, or 10% cash commission. 

How much commission can you earn?

The limit does not exist! We created this platform so you can share the word far and wide, and make some hard-earned cash in return. The #OfficialOgirl program is designed to work for everyone, no matter what your schedule or goals look like.

What are the perks of being an #OfficialOgirl?

#OfficialOgirls unlock all kinds of fun, exclusive perks. Once you're accepted into the program, you'll get sneak peeks of products still in development, first access to new arrivals, and be featured on our social platforms and blog.

Any other questions about the #OfficialOgirl Ambassador Program before you apply? Feel free to reach out to us anytime at hype@oventure.com or read more here!