The Hands-Free Tool is the easiest, most reliable way to keep your hands clean and clear of germs during the age of Coronavirus. This antimicrobial, ultra-durable utility charm is the easiest way to pull door handles and press elevator or ATM buttons without transferring viruses to your hands. This multi-purpose tool comes with an included split ring so you can easily attach it to your Big O® Key Ring for all-in-one simplicity. Watch the video below to see the tool in action!

As seen in this video: Pink Topaz Croc Big O® Key Ring, Quicksilver ID Case, Quicksilver Hands-Free Tool

QUICK TIP: You can clean your Hands-Free Tool with an antibacterial wipe. We like to keep antibacterial wipes in the car so we can clean the tool after each outing!

The Hands-Free Tool is available in gold, silver and rose gold finishes.