Best Back to School Accessories for 2020

Best Back to School Accessories for 2020

From e-learning to mask wearing, back to school looks a little different this year. Whether you’re a teacher, student or parent, it’s more important than ever to have tools that not only simplify your day, but also do their part to help you stay safe.

Silicone Big O® Key Ring

The Big O Key Ring has been a top selling back to school gift for seven years running. Teachers love the Big O because it’s easy to find in a large tote and can be worn completely hands-free. Students love the Big O Key Ring because they can clip an ID case on it and can have everything in one easy-to-carry place.

There are 100+ Big O Key Ring styles currently available, but our top choice for the 2020-2021 school year is silicone. All silicone Big O’s are water-resistant, which means you can wash them daily with soap and water. As for color, go with school colors (such a thoughtful gift!) or choose a bright color that will be easy to find in the bottom of a backpack or tote bag.

Hands-Free Tool

Keep your hands off of door handles, key pads and elevator buttons this fall with our new Hands-Free Tool. This antimicrobial utility charm is designed to limit the transfer of viruses from your fingertips to your face. The rounded hook opens public door handles, the extended pointer presses buttons, and the included split ring can be easily attached to your Big O Key Ring.

This accessory is an absolute must-have for students and teachers this year. On the fence? Check out the reviews written by other #Ogirls! 

Silicone Pouch

Keys. Phone. Wallet. Mask. Keep all of your daily essentials together with the Silicone Pouch. This new item for 2020 is not only flexible, durable and velvety soft, it’s also water-resistant so you can wash it with soap and water at the end of the day.

The Silicone Pouch was designed to be large enough to hold an iPhone, cards, sunglasses, and a mask, but also small enough to still be comfortably worn on a Big O Key Ring. We include a carabiner in every Silicone Pouch so you can choose to attach it onto a Big O or not. The Silicone Pouch could also be used as a compartment within a larger bag or backpack if that's more your style.

Silicone ID Case

Last but not least, the Silicone ID Case. This slim, lightweight card holder is a perfect choice for teachers or students that need to carry their school ID with them to buzz into buildings etc. There’s a decorative cutout on the front for easy ID access, and then a slot on the back for an additional card. The Silicone ID is outfitted with a split ring at the top, too, so it can be worn clipped onto a Big O. Like the other silicone styles, the Silicone ID Case can also be washed with soap and water - just remember to remove all of the contents first. 😉


✨Wishing all of our #Ogirls an O-mazing and safe school year.✨

This will definitely be one for the books!

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