This Mother's Day, give the gift of hands-free simplicity to the O-mazing women who make your world go round! 
She's definitely not a Regular Mom. The Cool Mom is up on her trends - in fact, she knows them long before you do. When it comes to buying gifts for the Cool Mom, it can be a little tricky, but luckily we did some research. We love a fun, metallic leather Big O® Key Ring for her, a Mini Envelope for her cash and cards, and a Mini Silicone Pouch for AirPods and her favorite lipstick. 
What to Cook For the Cool Mom on Mother's Day Morning
The Active Mom is always on the go. Whether she's reorganizing the garage, training for a marathon, or rounding up kiddos for soccer practice, she needs an accessory that can keep up with her. For the Active Mom, we'd suggest anything silicone - it's hardy, water-resistant, and down for anything, just like her. Start with a Silicone Big O, then go for an ID case (perfect if she carries an ID or work badge), or a Mini Pouch. We also think she'd love a Large Silicone Pouch, which holds sunglasses, baby wipes, a phone, a granola bar, and a camping tent (just kidding). 
What to Cook for the Active Mom on Mother's Day Morning (Before You Execute Her To-Do List): Monkey Bread with Walnuts and Vanilla.
Treat the New Mom (or Mom-to-Be) to something extra special for her first Mother's Day! For the New Mom, we'd go for the Pastel Marble combO or anything pastel pink or pastel blue - depending on whether she's a girl mom or boy mom. We like silicone for her because it's ultra-durable and easy to clean. As for add-ons, we think she could use both the Mini and Large Silicone Pouches. The Mini can hold her stuff (cards, cash, AirPods, lip balm), and the Large can act as a satellite diaper bag (diaper, wipes, pacifier) for quick trips to the park.
What to Do For the New Mom on Mother's Day:
Let her sleep in. Cook her breakfast. Take her to the spa. Drop her off. While she's at the spa, clean the entire house, do the laundry, wash the dishes... oh, and take care of the baby. 
The Fun Aunt is down to try daring new things. For her gift, we'd suggest an ultra luxe, leather Big O (like Back in Black Croc or Platinum Croc) and a combination of embossed leather and printed silicone add-ons. She can wear the add-ons layered, or can swap them in and out depending on what kind of trouble she's getting into that day. For the Fun Aunt, we like a sleek palette of black, gray and snake print so she can mix and match to her heart's delight! 
What Drink to Make For the Fun Aunt on Mother's Day:
You're a grandma?! You're not. You are? You look great. For Grandma, we love something timeless and classic. If she's got impeccable style, we think she'll like the Silicone Bamboo Big O and a matching wallet. If she's constantly on the go, we think she might be O-bsessed with a Bracelet Bag. Bracelet Bags come with an attached metal O-ring for all-in-one simplicity, and can hold her lipstick, pics of grandkids, elixir of youth, etc.
What to Ask Grandma About on Mother's Day:
How did you meet Grandpa?
The Mother-in-Laws we know would love a matching leather set. Depending on her style, we'd suggest either a Mocha Ostrich ID + Big O Key Ring for a neutral, understated look, or Gold Rush Big O and brand new Gold Rush/Quicksilver Mini Envelope for a little extra sparkle and shine. We think she might also like a Hands-Free Tool if she doesn't have one already. It's an ultra-durable, germ-repellant utility charm she can hook onto her Big O Key Ring to open doors and press buttons without using her hands!
What to Ask Your Mother-in-Law on Mother's Day:
What's the funniest thing my S.O. did as a child?
Whether you have a friend who has just become a mom, or you want to send a little token of gratitude to a fellow mom who gets you through the tough days, these are our suggestions for you. We think your Mom Friend would love one of our best-selling Silicone Big O's for spring (like Cotton Candy Bamboo, Pastel Marble or Navy Leopard), and a Mini Envelope or Mini Silicone Pouch to match. Inside the Pouch or Envelope, stick a little gift card to her favorite restaurant, shop, or nail salon for an extra-special touch.
What to Do With Your Mom Friend the Next Time She's Kid-Free:
Get dressed up, take your new hands-free accessories out on the town, have a nice dinner (no chicken fingers or ketchup allowed), enjoy yourselves!